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Sopwith Camel's Octavia

 UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian - Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind

Born 19.09.2008 - MLS fri 

Lulu was sold as a puppy to Karl Eddie Berge in Norway.
Karl Eddie is topbreeder of Amerikan Cocker Spaniels and Lulu are purchased mainly for hunting
Lulu is certified as search dog for hare and deer
She has been to a few shows and one of them, she was Best Of Breed.
In February 2013 she came back to us.Karl Eddie didn't have the nessasery time for Lulu,
and we decided to help finding a new home for her..
Well.. it did no go according to plans !!!.
We fell in love with Lulu's charm, her gentle mind and her beautiful exterior.
Lulu moved in without problemmer and goes mighty well with the rest of the pack.

LuLu den 9 maj 2008

Octavia Hill's stamtavle

UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian Rossut Duster By Nedlaw UKCH Julemark Hptspor By Nedlaw
Casket Of Rossut
UKCH Nedlaw Peggity UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
Nedlaw Pansy
INTCH DKCH DECH Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind UKCH DKCH Dufosee Capability UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
GBCH Dufosee Wild Flower
Sopwith Camel's English Elegance VDH/BCDCH Interim's Sir Rodney Richmond
DKCH Skansehøj's Ronja