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 Tootsie has 16. 04. welped 6 lovely puppies. 3 boys and 3 girls. All 3 girls are reserved Alle 3 piger er reserveret, but the 3 boys (all tricolour) still needs a loving caring home.
You are very welcome to contact us via mobil +45 4043 2574 eller sopwith.camel@mail.dk

Tootsie with her puppies 




Sopwith Camel's Touch Of Class (Tootsie) 

Interim's Sir Rubert Rhys (Rupert)

We have chosen Rupert, because his pedigree is full of lovely beagles. A mix of beautiful Danish, German and English beagles. Rupert has a super temperament, happy and very easy going. A really sweet and beautiful beagle J.
Rubert is bred by Barbara Rudorf-Stever and owned by Ralph Mölm, Germany.

 The puppies pedigree

DKCH DEVDHCH Sopwith Camel's Unforgettable Girl DKCH Nedlaw Agatha Rossut Navigator
Nedlaw Violet
DKCH INTCH DEVDHCH Sopwith Camel's Othello UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian
DKCH INTCH DECH Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind
Interim's Sir Rubert Rhys Lady's Vanlentino Of Justin's Pack Sweet Just of Justine's Paack
Interim's Lady Iseabeal Iver
CH Interim's Lady Heather Hayworth Interim's Sir Brady Branham
Nedlaw Violet