DKCH KLBCH Sopwith Camel's Othello

 UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian - Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind

Born 19.09.2008 - MLS free 

Royal Gold (Willa) is daughter at Heaven and like her sisters very beautiful. On her first dog show as junior she was Best I Race and 4. in Hound group. Willa has so fare been placed with an 2. - 3. og 4. best in Bitch class.Willa is owned by Louise Nørgaard and there is more about Willa Kennel Beagelou.  


Varde 1. of May 2011 Sopwith Camel's Royal Gold (Willa) took blood trail test 400 m/3 hour with 1. prize and was Best Beagle of The Day.  

Royal Gold's pedigree

UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian Rossut Duster By Nedlaw UKCH Julemark Hotspor By Nedlaw
Casket Of Rossut
UKCH Nedlaw Peggity UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
Nedlaw Pansy
INTCH DKCH DECH Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind UKCH DKCH Dufosee Capability UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
GBCH Dufosee Wild Flower
Sopwith Camel's English Elegance VDH/BCDCH Interim's Sir Rodney Richmond
DKCH Skansehøj's Ronja