Sopwith Camel's Rosa Melina

 UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian - Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind

Born 11.06.2011 - MLS free 

Melina is daughter of our Heaven and just as beautiful. She moves with lovely effortless movements She has been winner placed many times in the show ring. She lives with Marie Louise Nielsen together with beagle bitch Ruby. More about Melina at Kennel Maruby.


Melina - 3. Best Bitch January 2012 



Melina passed 3 hour/400 meter blodtrail with max points


 Melina on her way to become BEST IN SHOW puppy, October 2010.


Rosa Melina's pedigree

UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian Rossut Duster By Nedlaw UKCH Julemark Hotspor By Nedlaw
Casket Of Rossut
UKCH Nedlaw Peggity UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
Nedlaw Pansy
INTCH DKCH DECH Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind UKCH DKCH Dufosee Capability UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
UK CH Dufosee Wildflower
Sopwith Camel's English Elegance VDH/BCDCH Interim's Sir Rodney Richmond
DKCH Skansehøj's Ronja