DKCH VDHCH Sopwith Camel's Oh Darlin'

 UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian - Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind

Born 19.09.2008 - MLS free 

Oh Darlin (Rosie) is owned by Ulla and Jan. Ulla Hvidberg is the owner of kennel Ulradi and has been breeder of beagles for many years.

Some of Rosie's show results 

Rosie has been showed in Germany and just needs one CC to by a German Champion

2. BEST BITCH - CERT - 31.07.2011
Judge: Tamás jakkel, HU 

4. BEST BITCH - CERT - 30.07.2011
Judge: Niget Blackstock, UK 

BEST BITCH - CERT - CACIB 29.07.2011
Judge: Janet Lee, UK 

4. BEST BITCH - CERT - 28.07.2011
Judge: Brian Foster, UK 

3. BEST BITCH - CERT - 03.07.2011
Judge: Joyce Crawford-Manton, IRL

BEST BITCH - CERT - Berlin 03.04.2011
Judge: A. Westren, D 

2. BEST BITCH - CERT - CACIB - Berlin 02.04.2011
Judge: J. Westren, D 

2. BEST BITCH - CERT - 07.11.2010
Judge: Renée Sporre-Willes, S 

4. BEST BITCH - 23.07.2010
Judge: Noreen Harris, UK  

2. BEST BITCH - 01.05.2010
Judge: Patrick Walden, UK  

2. BEST BITCH - 24.01.2010
Judge: Georgina Kemp, UK  

3. BEST BITCH - 29.11.2010
Judge: Deryck G. Player, UK  
Oh Darlin' et år 

Oh Darlin' (Rosie) 1 year old 

Oh Darlin' et år 

Rosie - 6 uger

Rosie - 6 weeks old 

Sopwith Camel's Oh Darlin's pedigreee

UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian Rossut Duster By Nedlaw UKCH Julemark Hptspor By Nedlaw
Casket Of Rossut
UKCH Nedlaw Peggity UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
Nedlaw Pansy
INTCH DKCH DECH Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind UKCH DKCH Dufosee Capability UKCH Dufosee Vindicator
GBCH Dufosee Wild Flower
Sopwith Camel's English Elegance VDH/BCDCH Interim's Sir Rodney Richmond
DKCH Skansehøj's Ronja