DKCH KLBCH Skansehøj's Johan

 ( Daisy Hills Dynamiske Domino - Skansehøj's Valonia )

19.04.1994 - 11.04.2008 

Johan was born 19.04.94, and from the very beginning he has been a very successful show dog. A part from being Danish Champion & Club Champion he is also NORV96 and BESG97.

Today he has offspring in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia 

He had passed the test for an Austrian working certificate 




 Johans head

Some of Johan's offspring 


Skansehøj's Nicolaj




 DKCH LP1 LP2 Skansehøj's Nicolaj

 Coco Cabaret of Albion Origin

 INTCH  HRCH Coral Calypso of Albion Origin

 ÖCH Yasper Johanssohn von Schloss Altenau



 Touch picture

Interim's Sir Raffles Rothermere

 Yomo Johanssohn von Schloss Altenau

 DECH VDHCH Interim's Sir Rodney Richmond

 INTCH Interim's Sir Raffles Rothermere